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NJG4 - Squadron Profile.


Founded :
Country : Germany
Fate :


NJG4 Artwork Collection
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Messerschmitt Bf.110G4b/R3 by Ivan Berryman.

Aces for : NJG4
A list of all Aces from our database who are known to have flown with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking the pilots name.
Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer121.00
Wilhelm Herget72.00
Reinhard Kollak49.00
Ludwig Meister41.00
Dietrich Schmidt39.00
Gunther Bahr37.00The signature of Gunther Bahr features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Helmut Bergmann36.00
Heinz-Martin Hadeball33.00
Hubert Rauh31.00
Gerhard Friedrich30.00
Heinrich Wohlers29.00
Helmuth Schulte25.00
Wolfgang Thimmig24.00
Erhard Peters22.00
Hans-Karl Kamp21.00
Kurt Holler18.00
Aircraft for : NJG4
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by NJG4. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


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Manufacturer : Bristol


The Bristol Blenheim, the most plentiful aircraft in the RAFs inventory when WWII began, was designed by Frank Barnwell, and when first flown in 1936 was unique with its all metal monoplane design incorporating a retractable undercarriage, wing flaps, metal props, and supercharged engines. A typical bomb load for a Blenheim was 1,000 pounds. In the early stages of the war Blenheims were used on many daylight bombing missions. While great heroism was displayed by the air crews, tremendous losses were sustained during these missions. The Blenhiem was easy pickings at altitude for German Bf-109 fighters who quickly learned to attack from below. To protect the vulnerable bellies of the Blenheims many missions were shifted to low altitude, but this increased the aircrafts exposure to anti-aircraft fire.
Signatures for : NJG4
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Oberfeldwebel Gunther Bahr
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Oberfeldwebel Gunther Bahr

29 / 4 / 2009Died : 29 / 4 / 2009
29 / 4 / 2009Ace : 37.00 Victories
Oberfeldwebel Gunther Bahr

Born 18th July 1921. Serving first as an instructor, he was posted to 6./SG210 (later 6./ZG1) on the Eastern Front until June 1942, when he retrained to fly night fighters. Posted first to NJG4 in August 1943, and then I./NJG6 where on the night of 21st/22nd February 1943 he shot down seven four-engined Russian bombers in one night, after claiming four victories on each of the two previous nights. Gunther Bahr flew over 90 night fighter missions, and was awarded the Knight's Cross in March 1945. He had achieved 37 air victories, including shooting down Norman Jackson VC. Sadly, Gunther Bahr passed away on 29th April 2009.

Leutnant Karl-Ludwig Johanssen
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Leutnant Karl-Ludwig Johanssen

11 / 8 / 2009Died : 11 / 8 / 2009
Leutnant Karl-Ludwig Johanssen

Karl-Ludwig Johanssen was born on 15th May 1921. Flying with III./NJG4 and I./NJG6, he was one of the Luftwaffe's most successful radio operators, flying with Martin Becker and participating in 59 air victories. He was awarded with the Knights Cross in March 1945. He died on 11th August 2009.

Leutnant Fritz Rumpelhardt
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Leutnant Fritz Rumpelhardt

20 / 1 / 2011Died : 20 / 1 / 2011
Leutnant Fritz Rumpelhardt

From 1942 as an Unteroffizier, Fritz Rumpelhardt was radio operator to Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer with NJG1 and NJG4. He participated in 100 night fighter victories with Schnaufer, and was the most successful night fighter radio-operator in the Luftwaffe. Fritz Rumpelhardt flew over 130 combat missions and was awarded the Knight's Cross in July 1944, and was nominated for the Oak Leaves in March 1945. Fritz Rumpelhardt passed away on 20th January 2011.

Battle of Britain Timeline of Related Info : 20th March
20March1942Former British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O J. L. Ward of 32 & 145 Squadrons, was Killed.
20March1977Former British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O C. C. Ellery of 264 Squadron, Passed away.

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