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Country : Germany
Fate :


NJG4 Artwork Collection

Messerschmitt Bf.110G4b/R3 by Ivan Berryman.

Aces for : NJG4
A list of all Aces from our database who are known to have flown with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking the pilots name.
Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer121.00
Wilhelm Herget72.00
Reinhard Kollak49.00
Ludwig Meister41.00
Dietrich Schmidt39.00
Gunther Bahr37.00The signature of Gunther Bahr features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Helmut Bergmann36.00
Heinz-Martin Hadeball33.00
Hubert Rauh31.00
Gerhard Friedrich30.00
Heinrich Wohlers29.00
Helmuth Schulte25.00
Wolfgang Thimmig24.00
Erhard Peters22.00
Hans-Karl Kamp21.00
Kurt Holler18.00
Aircraft for : NJG4
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by NJG4. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


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Manufacturer : Bristol


The Bristol Blenheim, the most plentiful aircraft in the RAFs inventory when WWII began, was designed by Frank Barnwell, and when first flown in 1936 was unique with its all metal monoplane design incorporating a retractable undercarriage, wing flaps, metal props, and supercharged engines. A typical bomb load for a Blenheim was 1,000 pounds. In the early stages of the war Blenheims were used on many daylight bombing missions. While great heroism was displayed by the air crews, tremendous losses were sustained during these missions. The Blenhiem was easy pickings at altitude for German Bf-109 fighters who quickly learned to attack from below. To protect the vulnerable bellies of the Blenheims many missions were shifted to low altitude, but this increased the aircrafts exposure to anti-aircraft fire.
Signatures for : NJG4
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Oberfeldwebel Gunther Bahr
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Oberfeldwebel Gunther Bahr

29 / 4 / 2009Died : 29 / 4 / 2009
29 / 4 / 2009Ace : 37.00 Victories
Oberfeldwebel Gunther Bahr

Born 18th July 1921. Serving first as an instructor, he was posted to 6./SG210 (later 6./ZG1) on the Eastern Front until June 1942, when he retrained to fly night fighters. Posted first to NJG4 in August 1943, and then I./NJG6 where on the night of 21st/22nd February 1943 he shot down seven four-engined Russian bombers in one night, after claiming four victories on each of the two previous nights. Gunther Bahr flew over 90 night fighter missions, and was awarded the Knight's Cross in March 1945. He had achieved 37 air victories, including shooting down Norman Jackson VC. Sadly, Gunther Bahr passed away on 29th April 2009.

Leutnant Karl-Ludwig Johanssen
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Leutnant Karl-Ludwig Johanssen

11 / 8 / 2009Died : 11 / 8 / 2009
Leutnant Karl-Ludwig Johanssen

Karl-Ludwig Johanssen was born on 15th May 1921. Flying with III./NJG4 and I./NJG6, he was one of the Luftwaffe's most successful radio operators, flying with Martin Becker and participating in 59 air victories. He was awarded with the Knights Cross in March 1945. He died on 11th August 2009.

Leutnant Fritz Rumpelhardt
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Leutnant Fritz Rumpelhardt

20 / 1 / 2011Died : 20 / 1 / 2011
Leutnant Fritz Rumpelhardt

From 1942 as an Unteroffizier, Fritz Rumpelhardt was radio operator to Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer with NJG1 and NJG4. He participated in 100 night fighter victories with Schnaufer, and was the most successful night fighter radio-operator in the Luftwaffe. Fritz Rumpelhardt flew over 130 combat missions and was awarded the Knight's Cross in July 1944, and was nominated for the Oak Leaves in March 1945. Fritz Rumpelhardt passed away on 20th January 2011.

Known Victory Claims - NJG4









09/03/1942 n.n.Stab I.NJG 4-0.3Western Front
26/04/1942Ltn. Heinz-Martin Hadeball8NJG 4WellingtonSiefersheim-Western Front
06/05/1942Oblt. Heinz-Martin Hadeball9NJG 4StirlingMauberge1.36Western Front
07/05/1942Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab II.NJG 4HalifaxLibin 10km SW St. Hubert-Western Front
07/05/1942Oblt. Hubert Rauh9NJG 4Halifax-0.25Western Front
07/05/1942 n.n.8NJG 4-1.58Western Front
19/05/1942Oblt. Hubert Rauh9NJG 4Wellington-23.51Western Front
20/05/1942 n.n.9NJG 4-0.55Western Front
20/05/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4HalifaxNW St. Hubert1.09Western Front
20/05/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Engel8NJG 4StirlingMunscheweiler1.13Western Front
10/06/1942Ltn. Fritz Graef9NJG 4Wellington-1.35Western Front
17/06/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4StirlingW. Limont-Fontaine2.14Western Front
12/08/1942Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Stirling20km E. Namur: 5400m1.57Western Front
13/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Martinek9NJG 4Stirling2km S. Rotterdam: 4200m1.11Western Front
24/08/1942Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4Stirlingbei Thynes: 4400m [SSE Namur]23.41Western Front
24/08/1942Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4Stirlingbei Givet-Pondrôme: 4100m23.55Western Front
25/08/1942Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Stirlingbei Leuze 27km NW Mons: 3600m1.46Western Front
25/08/1942Oblt. Karl-Heinz Kamp9NJG 4Stirling3300m0.1Western Front
25/08/1942Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4Wellington4km SE Rheine: 3100m0.25Western Front
25/08/1942Fw. Heinz Macke7NJG 4StirlingSt. Hélenne-en-Temps: 4300m2Western Front
25/08/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4Wellington2km SW Marly: 6400-400m2.15Western Front
25/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Martinek9NJG 4Stirling2km nahe Thy le Château: 500m2.17Western Front
28/08/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4Halifax1km S. Hastière: 4100m [Hainault/Dinant]23.04Western Front
28/08/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4HampdenBoussu-lez-Walcourt [Hainaut]: 2400m [NW Philippville]23.22Western Front
28/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Martinek9NJG 4WellingtonPetit-Doische [Namur]: 5500-4000m23.46Western Front
28/08/1942Ltn. Günther Bellwied7NJG 4Hampden6km N. Kleve: 2000m23.54Western Front
29/08/1942Oblt. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4Hampden1km S. Lierre: 2100m1.52Western Front
29/08/1942Ltn. Fritz Graef9NJG 4Halifax2km SE Soize: 3400m2.46Western Front
29/08/1942Ltn. Ludwig Meister8NJG 4WellingtonNE Eich b. Germshausen: 3300m [NNE Worms]0.12Western Front
29/08/1942Ltn. Ludwig Meister8NJG 4StirlingArlenbach: 5300m0.43Western Front
29/08/1942Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4WellingtonSt. Lambert: 2200m3Western Front
29/08/1942Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4StirlingMeruland: 4500m3.15Western Front
29/08/1942Ltn. Ludwig Meister8NJG 4WellingtonBad Kreuznach: 3300m0.15Western Front
02/09/1942Ofw. Erich Rahner9NJG 4Wellington2½km S. Feize b. Charleville: 3500m2.58Western Front
02/09/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4Halifax5km S. Dixmuiden: 3700m3.3Western Front
03/09/1942Oblt. Kurt Martinek9NJG 4Halifax12km SW Namur: 4200m1.47Western Front
03/09/1942Oblt. Kurt Martinek9NJG 4Wellington2km S. Warmont: 3400m2.11Western Front
03/09/1942Ofw. Bruno Eikmeier9NJG 4Wellington8km E. St. Jüst: 4200m5Western Front
17/09/1942Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Stirling8km SW Gembloux: 2600m0.34Western Front
17/09/1942Oblt. Hubert Rauh9NJG 4HalifaxOstrand Fl.Pl. Maubeuge: 4700m0.37Western Front
17/09/1942Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Lancaster22/8/9: 2600m1.2Western Front
19/09/1942Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Stirling6km NE Revigny: 2300m22.59Western Front
20/09/1942Ltn. Helmut Bergmann7NJG 4Whitley10km S. Verdun: 3000m0.01Western Front
20/09/1942Ltn. Ferdinand Christiner4NJG 4Halifaxbei Blesmes: 2600m1.07Western Front
20/09/1942Hptm. Hans von Niebelschütz5NJG 4SE Chalons: 2500m1.14Western Front
20/09/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4Wellington20km N. Reims: 3300m1.15Western Front
20/09/1942Hptm. Wilhelm Herget9NJG 4Lancaster4km W. Warlimont: 4600m3.28Western Front
05/10/1942Ofw. Gerhard Jecke2NJG 4HalifaxMarquillies: 4200m22.3Western Front
15/10/1942Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4HalifaxWaterloo: 3700m22.48Western Front
25/10/1942Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4WellingtonRethel: 2700m0.33Western Front
25/10/1942Ltn. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Wellington9km SE Valenciennes: 1700m2.54Western Front
25/10/1942Fw. Heinz Wilberg4NJG 4HalifaxCampiegne: 2900m3Western Front
17/11/1942Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab II.NJG 4Halifax2km NE Consigny: 4000m21.05Western Front
22/11/1942Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4WellingtonChalandry: 1800m [N. Laon]20.46Western Front
22/11/1942Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab II.NJG 4Wellington10km S. Brienne: 2800m22.55Western Front
22/11/1942Ltn. Ludwig MeisterStab I.NJG 4LancasterSt. Lambert: 3700m23.48Western Front
22/11/1942Oblt. Hans-Karl Kamp7NJG 4Wellington26km NE Laon: 3000m23.48Western Front
03/12/1942Uffz. Ericher2NJG 4HalifaxResteigne: 4500m3.55Western Front
03/12/1942Ltn. Heinz-Martin Hadeball8NJG 4HalifaxLaumersheim: 4400m4.25Western Front
03/12/1942Fw. Paul Faden8NJG 4HampdenMonzernheim: 2300m [NW Worms]4.39Western Front
03/12/1942Uffz. Peter Deppermann8NJG 4Stirling5km E. Kirn: 2500m5.13Western Front
03/12/1942Oblt. Fritz CarstensStab III.NJG 4HalifaxCouvron-et-Aumencourt: 1600m6.17Western Front
06/12/1942Oblt. Gerhard FriedrichStab II.NJG 4HalifaxCourouvre: 3000-2500m [Meuse]19.29Western Front
06/12/1942Ofw. Wilhelm Engel8NJG 4Wellington15km N. Worms: 3400m20.12Western Front
06/12/1942Ltn. Helmut Bergmann7NJG 4Wellington36km NE Laon: 2000m21.54Western Front
21/12/1942Ofw. Kurt Karsten7NJG 4Halifax25km SE Sedan: 4100m19.32Western Front
21/12/1942Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab II.NJG 45km S. Void-Vacon: 2500m [Meuse]19.41Western Front
21/12/1942Ltn. Ferdinand Christiner5NJG 4Lancaster4km W. Rumont: 4000m [Meuse]20.04Western Front
21/12/1942Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab II.NJG 4StirlingMinecourt: 2400m22.56Western Front
21/12/1942Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab II.NJG 4Wellington2.5km W. Matignicourt: 1500m [Marne]23.13Western Front
21/12/1942Ltn. Rehdaus1NJG 4Lancaster15km SE Maubeuge: 2600m23.16Western Front
21/12/1942Oblt. Hans-Karl Kamp7NJG 4Stirling24km S. Flôret: 2700m23.2Western Front
21/12/1942Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Lancaster1km W. Steenbuyne: 3000m23.3Western Front
21/12/1942Ltn. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Stirling-23Western Front
25/02/1943Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab II.NJG 4Lancaster--Western Front
08/03/1943Oblt. Hans Autenrieth4NJG 4Stirling6km NE Souilly: 2800m [15km NE Verdun]21.45Western Front
08/03/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4Stirling10km NW Charleville/Verdun: 3700m22.13Western Front
08/03/1943Oblt. Karl-Heinz Kamp7NJG 4HalifaxFürth: 5100m [W. Verdun]22.29Western Front
08/03/1943Ofw. Wilhelm Engel10NJG 4StirlingPhilippsburg N. Karlsrühe: 3300m22.35Western Front
09/03/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Halifax05 Ost N/ON: 3300m [9km E. Le Cateau/Ardennes]0.29Western Front
09/03/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4Halifax1km SW Etain: 2600m [Raum Charleville]22.13Western Front
09/03/1943Oblt. Gerhard Friedrich10NJG 4LancasterNW Rinuthall: 4500m23.15Western Front
10/03/1943Hptm. Hubert Rauh3NJG 4HalifaxWallingen: 3000m1.56Western Front
10/03/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Lancaster3km N. Witry-les-Reims: 4800m1.59Western Front
10/03/1943Uffz. Barten4NJG 4HalifaxBausen b. Fl.Pl. Strasbourg: 4400m2.15Western Front
10/03/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4LancasterTaguebec: 4600m2.3Western Front
11/03/1943Oblt. Hans-Karl Kamp7NJG 4Stirling20km NE Montmirail: 3700m21.4Western Front
11/03/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Halifax1km W. Malmaison: 4500m22Western Front
11/03/1943Ltn. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4Halifax22km SE Aigny: 5000m22.32Western Front
11/03/1943Ofw. Wilhelm Engel10NJG 4Halifax10km NE Heidelburg: 5600m22.46Western Front
11/03/1943Hptm. Otto MaterneStab II.NJG 4HalifaxN. Rosières: 3000m23.43Western Front
12/03/1943Ltn. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4Halifax18km SE Charleville: 2500m0.06Western Front
12/03/1943Oblt. Hans Autenrieth4NJG 4Stirling3km SW Châlons-sur-Marne: 1900m0.18Western Front
12/03/1943Oblt. KornascherStab III.NJG 4HalifaxMaufresnes: 4500m0.45Western Front
12/03/1943Fw. Gerhard Rase6NJG 4Halifax19km NE Vitry-le-François: 3000m [Sogny-en-L'Aigle]0.47Western Front
17/03/1943Oblt. Gerhard Friedrich10NJG 4HalifaxBörnloß: 3400m0.16Western Front
09/04/1943Ofw. Karstenauer7NJG 4Halifax9km NW Compiegne: 5000m0.1Western Front
10/04/1943Ofw. Kurt Karsten7NJG 4Halifax9km NW Schleptrufer: 5000m0.1Western Front
11/04/1943Ofw. Walter Piwarz3NJG 4HalifaxHirson: 2500-500m2Western Front
11/04/1943Uffz. Thiell9NJG 4Halifax8km NNW Trier: 3000m2.3Western Front
11/04/1943Fw. Gross8NJG 4HalifaxSaarburg: 3200m2.33Western Front
11/04/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4Halifax6.5km N. Sedan: 3600m1.4Western Front
11/04/1943Ltn. Heinz-Martin Hadeball12NJG 4Stirling8km S. Bacharach: 4800m2.35Western Front
11/04/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak4NJG 4Stirling1km NW Le Guevière: 4200m4.16Western Front
11/04/1943Oblt. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4Lancaster1km NNW La Thour: 5300m2.28Western Front
11/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4WellingtonNivelles: 3400m3.23Western Front
11/04/1943Oblt. Gerhard Friedrich10NJG 4WellingtonLuinbach-Weuir: 3900m3.23Western Front
11/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Wellington1km S. La Fère: 4300m3.55Western Front
14/04/1943Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab IV.NJG 4StirlingBiblis-Western Front
15/04/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4Wellington5km SW St. Quentin: 3800m2.55Western Front
15/04/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4Halifax15km SW St. Quentin: 3100m3.22Western Front
15/04/1943Ltn. Heinz-Martin Hadeball12NJG 4WellingtonMutterscheid: 5400m0.2Western Front
15/04/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Lancaster27km E. Reims: 3000m2.11Western Front
15/04/1943Oblt. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4Stirling12km E. Reims: 3300m1.59Western Front
15/04/1943Hptm. Otto Materne4NJG 4Stirling4km SSE Sommerous: 2000m [St. Souplet]1.48Western Front
15/04/1943Hptm. Otto Materne4NJG 4Stirling25km SSW Châlons-sur-Marne: 1400m3.04Western Front
15/04/1943Hptm. Karl Floitgraf11NJG 4StirlingBibles bei Worms: 4000m0.21Western Front
15/04/1943Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab IV.NJG 4HalifaxNiederleistadt: 5000m0.23Western Front
15/04/1943Ltn. Franz Draude4NJG 4Wellingtonbei Yainville: 2900m1.46Western Front
15/04/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4Stirling1km W. Fl.Pl. bei Charleville: 2900m1.5Western Front
15/04/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4Halifax2km SW Eppe-Taurage: 5100m [Chimay]2.18Western Front
15/04/1943Ltn. Fritz GraefStab I.NJG 4Stirling5km SSE Namur: 3400m [Regiessart]2.23Western Front
15/04/1943Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4Stirling30km NE St. Quentin: 3700m2.3Western Front
15/04/1943Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4Wellington2km N. Rocquiguer: 3900m [2km N. Perpignan]2.58Western Front
15/04/1943Hptm. Hans-Karl Kamp7NJG 4Wellington5km E. St. Quentin: 3800m2.5Western Front
15/04/1943Hptm. Hans-Karl Kamp7NJG 4Halifax1km N. Reims: 3800m2.57Western Front
15/04/1943Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab IV.NJG 4Halifax-1.15Western Front
16/04/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4Halifax15km NW Rethel b. Sorbon: 5800m [Sevigry]23.03Western Front
16/04/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4Stirling10km NE Montcornet: 2700m [8km E. Brunnchemmer]23.31Western Front
16/04/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4WellingtonRethel-Rosay: 4000m23.56Western Front
16/04/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Lancaster1km N. Northeim: 5300m23.53Western Front
17/04/1943Ltn. Helmut BergmannStab III.NJG 4HalifaxW. Hamm: 4100m2.19Western Front
17/04/1943Ltn. Heinz-Martin Hadeball12NJG 4Stirling1km N. Rapperalle: 3300m0.2Western Front
17/04/1943Ltn. Heinz-Martin Hadeball12NJG 4Wellington1km N. Lötzburen: 1600m0.49Western Front
17/04/1943Oblt. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4WellingtonE. Sept Meules : 4000m [8km SE Soissons]2.13Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxRance: 3000m4.06Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterVillers-deux-Église: 2500m4.23Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Otto MaterneStab II.NJG 4Halifax1km SSE Vaurouleuse: 4500-1000m0.35Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Otto Materne4NJG 4StirlingS. Quigny-les-Roses: 3500m3.48Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab IV.NJG 4HalifaxW. Kastenbach: 4200m1.15Western Front
17/04/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4Lancaster500m SW Givry: 2400m4.02Western Front
17/04/1943Major Kurt HollerStab III.NJG 4Stirling15km S. Sedan: 4000m0.14Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Hans-Karl Kamp7NJG 4Wellington4km NE Villiers: 3700m2.09Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Hans-Karl Kamp7NJG 4HalifaxRoye: 3100m4.36Western Front
17/04/1943Fw. Paul Faden11NJG 4WellingtonMalberg: 2600m [S. Bitburg]1.51Western Front
17/04/1943Fw. Paul Faden11NJG 4HalifaxS. Bitburg: 4000m3.07Western Front
17/04/1943Ltn. Friedrich ToberII.NJG 4Halifax5km NE Laimont: 2500m0.03Western Front
17/04/1943Ltn. Otto Blohm10NJG 4HalifaxHadamar b. Limburg: 3600m3.12Western Front
17/04/1943Ltn. Nobert Pietrek2NJG 4Stirling20323: 3500-800m0.15Western Front
17/04/1943Ofw. Erich Rahner3NJG 4WellingtonFroidliers: 4500m0.2Western Front
17/04/1943Ofw. Richard Launer10NJG 4Worms: 4100-3000m0.34Western Front
17/04/1943Hptm. Alfred Haesler1NJG 4Halifax14km NE Laon-Missy: 300-500m1.1Western Front
17/04/1943Ofw. Heinz Macke9NJG 4HalifaxCommenchon: 4600m [Aisne]2.12Western Front
17/04/1943Ltn. Herbert Jung12NJG 4HalifaxBeitelsheim: 4000m2.32Western Front
17/04/1943Uffz. Peter Deppermann12NJG 4Halifax2km N. Neuenweiler: 3000-1000m3.01Western Front
17/04/1943Uffz. Thiell9NJG 4Halifax3km S. Marle: 3300m3.38Western Front
17/04/1943Oblt. Hans AutenriethII.NJG 4Halifax15km WSW Châlons-dur-Marne: 3600m3.5Western Front
17/04/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxNW St. Hubert: 3000m4.08Western Front
17/04/1943Ofw. Adolf Brandstetter3NJG 4Halifax3km N. Guise: 2200m4.37Western Front
17/04/1943Ofw. Kurt Karsten7NJG 4LancasterE. Paulavert: 2300m4.45Western Front
30/05/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Stirling3km SW Cambrai: 3100m2.07Western Front
30/05/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4Wellington8km S. Namur: 3400m [E. Geraadsbergen]2.28Western Front
30/05/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4HalifaxRassaix: 4300m2.57Western Front
12/06/1943Major Kurt HollerStabNJG 4Stirling25km SW Den Helder3.04Western Front
12/06/1943Major Kurt HollerStabNJG 4WellingtonW. Urk2.55Western Front
23/06/1943Oblt. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4Stirling2km NW Kettinich: 2800m1.35Western Front
23/06/1943Oblt. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4WellingtonSSE Helebrun: 3800m [12km NE Hasselt]2.1Western Front
25/06/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Halifax2km S. Roermond: 3200m1.11Western Front
25/06/1943Oblt. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4Stirling4½km WSW Diest: 4000m1.59Western Front
25/06/1943Ltn. Fritz GraefStab I.NJG 4Halifax6km NE Barvaux: 5700m2.17Western Front
25/06/1943Oblt. Helmut BergmannIII.NJG 4StirlingN. Walcheren3.02Western Front
04/07/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4WellingtonSluis 10½km N. Gorinchem: 5500m [9km N. Liege]0.55Western Front
04/07/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4HalifaxMuizen 5km NW den Haag/Liege: 5500m1.28Western Front
04/07/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak7NJG 4Halifax1km SW Wavre: 5100m [22km SE Brüssel]2.3Western Front
04/07/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4WellingtonSolre-sur-Sambre: 4000m [Hainaut]2.23Western Front
04/07/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxRance: 4800m [Hainault]2.4Western Front
04/07/1943Oblt. Fritz Söthe3NJG 4Wellington10km E. Avernes: 5000m2.45Western Front
04/07/1943Uffz. Dichaus9NJG 4Halifax1km E. Toulaine: 2800m3.08Western Front
09/07/1943Oblt. Heinz-Martin Hadeball12NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/IH 85: 6700m0.4Western Front
09/07/1943Hptm. Hans von Niebelschütz5NJG 4Lancaster6km S. Calamuer: 6200m2.2Western Front
09/07/1943Oblt. Fritz GraefStab I.NJG 4LancasterMarly Gomont: [S. Hirson/Aisne]2.5Western Front
10/07/1943Ltn. Wilhelm Schneiderwind2NJG 4Lancaster10km SW Schouwen: 5.700-2000m3.41Western Front
14/07/1943Oblt. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4WellingtonAgimauf: 5200m [NW Givet]2.35Western Front
14/07/1943Oblt. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxMeruil-Saint-Blaize: 6000m [NE Givet]2.4Western Front
14/07/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4Halifax10km S. Maubeuge: 5000m2.19Western Front
14/07/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4Halifax1½km NE Froid-Chapelle: 5800m2.36Western Front
14/07/1943Hptm. Hubert Rauh3NJG 4Lancaster18km SW Cambrai: 5400m2.28Western Front
14/07/1943Hptm. Alfred Haesler1NJG 4Wellington17km NNW Maur: 5400m2.24Western Front
14/07/1943Hptm. Heinrich WohlersStab IV.NJG 4Stirling2km NE Rothem: 4000m1.48Western Front
14/07/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxVossigny la Victoire2.3Western Front
16/07/1943Hptm. Hubert Rauh5NJG 4Halifax500m E. Sacquenay: 2500m [Dijon]1.3Western Front
16/07/1943Uffz. Philipps6NJG 4StirlingBesancon: 3000m1.36Western Front
16/07/1943Fw. Fritz Späte5NJG 4LancasterRecey-sur-Ourthe: 2000m2.25Western Front
31/07/1943Ltn. Wilhelm Schneiderwind2NJG 4Lancaster16km S. Givet: 3900m [Willerzie]0.43Western Front
08/08/1943Hptm. Hans von Niebelschütz5NJG 4LancasterNE Vendenesse: 4900-3000m2.57Western Front
10/08/1943Ltn. Nobert Pietrek2NJG 4Halifax5km NW Hübert: 4300m [20km SSE Neufchatel]0.43Western Front
10/08/1943Ltn. Nobert Pietrek2NJG 4LancasterMorbihan: 4200m [10km NW St. Hubert]1.31Western Front
11/08/1943Oblt. Fritz Söthe3NJG 4HalifaxWambrechies: 5200m0.03Western Front
11/08/1943Uffz. Kustusch3NJG 4HalifaxBoussu: 1600m [12km WSW Mons]2.17Western Front
13/08/1943Hptm. Hans von Niebelschütz5NJG 4LancasterLabuissière: 3500-3000m2.42Western Front
14/08/1943Hptm. Hans von Niebelschütz5NJG 4Lancaster45km W. Guernsey: 4000m [Laisenay]23.53Western Front
17/08/1943Oblt. Hans Külow9NJG 4Stirling65km NE Lyons: 3400m0.43Western Front
24/08/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak2NJG 4NW Berlin: 3000m1.16Western Front
24/08/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4HalifaxN. Berlin: 3000m1.18Western Front
24/08/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Lancaster1km SE Thomsdorf: 5000m1.23Western Front
28/08/1943Uffz. Herbert Ter Steegen8NJG 4Stirling6km E. Saarburg: 3000m0.53Western Front
28/08/1943Oblt. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4HalifaxE. Luxembourg: 5400m [SW Echternacht]1.04Western Front
28/08/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4E. vor Schweinfurt: 5000m [Wolpertshausen]1.35Western Front
28/08/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Raum Nürnburg: 4200m1.57Western Front
28/08/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4Lancaster15km SW Verdun: 5500m0.42Western Front
28/08/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 422km NNE Amiens: 5600m3.46Western Front
28/08/1943Fw. Walter Eckel2NJG 4LancasterNW Nürnburg: 4000-4500m1.45Western Front
28/08/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxNürnburg: 4000m1.5Western Front
28/08/1943Hptm. Fritz Söthe3NJG 4LancasterN. Saarlouis: 3800m [Estinnes]3.36Western Front
28/08/1943Oblt. Rudolf Altendorf2NJG 4HalifaxNürnburg2.12Western Front
31/08/1943Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4StirlingDorphen: 4200-3500m [6km W.Weert]4.01Western Front
31/08/1943Ofw. Heinz Macke9NJG 4Halifax3km 180° Maasluis: 4500-4800m [Möchengladbach]3.4Western Front
01/09/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxSW Trebbin: 4000m [Brandenburg]0.56Western Front
01/09/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Lancaster3km NE Trebbin: 3800m [Brandenburg]1.11Western Front
06/09/1943Hptm. Hans von Niebelschütz5NJG 4StirlingMannheim: 5000m0.29Western Front
04/10/1943Ltn. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4B-171½km S. Chenay: 500m [Juvincourt]12.55Western Front
04/10/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxGivet20.49Western Front
04/10/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxÜlereisenbach: 5000m [Neuerberg]21.02Western Front
04/10/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxWNW Neufchateau: 5000m21.3Western Front
04/10/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4B-17Staden Krs. Friedburg: 7000m22.08Western Front
04/10/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxTrier21.03Western Front
07/10/1943Oblt. Ferdinand Christiner5NJG 4LancasterSW Commercy: 5800m23.2Western Front
07/10/1943Oblt. Ferdinand Christiner5NJG 4LancasterW. Rachecourt: 3800m23.24Western Front
14/10/1943Fw. Fritz Lehmann4NJG 4B-17SW Joigny16.25Western Front
14/10/1943Hptm. Fritz SötheStab II.NJG 4B-17N. Rossignol: [Revigny/NE Montmédy]14.56Western Front
03/11/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Halifax21km WNW Köln: 5800m19.57Western Front
12/11/1943Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4HalifaxSW Caen: 4000m [25km W. Chateaudun]1Western Front
18/11/1943Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4HalifaxSW Maastricht: 5600m [NE Chalons-sur-Marne]19.24Western Front
18/11/1943Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4StirlingNE Maastricht: 4200m [NE Chalons-sur-Marne]19.49Western Front
18/11/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4StirlingNE Suippes: 3500m [NE Chalons-sur-Marne]21.19Western Front
18/11/1943Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4StirlingS. Suippes: 4000m [NE Chalons-sur-Marne]21.4Western Front
18/11/1943Ltn. Erhard Peters8NJG 4HalifaxN. Laon: 3600m22Western Front
18/11/1943Ltn. Erhard Peters8NJG 4LancasterSE Namur: 5000m22.11Western Front
23/11/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxGross-Zentral Berlin: 5500m20.16Western Front
26/11/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterESE Trier: 5200m19.4Western Front
26/11/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterNE Frankfurt-am-Main: 5300m20.06Western Front
26/11/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterNE Frankfurt-am-Main: 5000m20.08Western Front
26/11/1943Oblt. Hans Autenrieth1NJG 4HalifaxE. Dinant: 4900m2.12Western Front
26/11/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Halifax4km NE St. Vith: 5800m3.35Western Front
02/12/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4StirlingBerlin: 5200m20.29Western Front
02/12/1943Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4StirlingBerlin: 7500m20.55Western Front
02/12/1943Oblt. Alfred LelautStab II.NJG 4Lancaster6km NW Zessew20.45Western Front
03/12/1943 n.n.2NJG 4-3.55Western Front
20/12/1943Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Halifax3km SSE Arloff: 5600m [10km S. Euskirchen]19.12Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Haesler1NJG 4HalifaxNaunheim: 3800m19.21Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4Halifax200m W. Baugnez: 5500m [Malmédy]19.2Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Halifax24km WSW Koblenz: 5300m [Münstermaifeld]19.27Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Haesler1NJG 4Halifax20km W. Koblenz: 2800m19.27Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxMergentheim: 5500m [Wiesenheim]19.35Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4HalifaxFlorsheim: 5800m19.37Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Lancaster12km WSW Frankfurt-am-Main: 5800m19.43Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterLangenselbold: 3500m [NE Hinau]19.47Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Halifax9km NW Hanau: 4500m19.57Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterRoßdorf: 4500m [Bruchköbel]20Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterBerndroth: 4000m [W. Schwalbach/Taunus]20.15Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4Halifax10km W. Rhenen: 4200m [1km N. Merlus]20.29Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Hubert Rauh3NJG 4HalifaxMannheim: 5800m19.14Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Hubert Rauh3NJG 4Halifax24km WSW Koblenz: 5600m19.2Western Front
30/12/1943Fw. Gottfried Kurzwernhart9NJG 4B-2415km S. Charleville: 5300m12.37Western Front
02/01/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterGrandrieu5.48Western Front
02/01/1944Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Halifaxteifflug: in See [W. St. Pol]6Western Front
02/01/1944Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4LancasterSE Mons5.15Western Front
02/01/1944Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Lancaster4km NW St. Pol5.4Western Front
02/01/1944Oblt. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxW. St. Pol5.51Western Front
07/01/1944Hptm. Ludwig MeisterStab I.NJG 4B-17Cambrai13Western Front
07/01/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4B-17Mainz-Western Front
20/01/1944Oblt. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4Lancaster7km NE Berlin19.45Western Front
20/01/1944Oblt. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4Halifax8km SE Dammenberg19.3Western Front
20/01/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Halifax2km SW Liebenwalds19.2Western Front
20/01/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Halifax25km NE Neuruppin19.37Western Front
27/01/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterSautour23.1Western Front
06/02/1944Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schaffer6NJG 4Stirling10km SE Avallon: 500m9.3Western Front
20/02/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Lancaster15 Ost S/ GA-4 [13km NE Celle]2.48Western Front
20/02/1944Hptm. Fritz SötheStab II.NJG 4Lancaster6200m3.22Western Front
20/02/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4LancasterWesendorf3.19Western Front
21/02/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Lancaster04 Ost/AR-5 [Raum Rastatt]3.17Western Front
24/02/1944Oblt. Richard Delakowitz7NJG 4zw. Stuttgart-Tübingen22.4Western Front
24/02/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4LancasterSE Metz22.1Western Front
24/02/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4Lancasterbei Metz: 6000m21.57Western Front
24/02/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4LancasterSW Metz21.4Western Front
25/02/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Lancaster25km W. Rethel20.55Western Front
25/02/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Lancaster13km SE Rethel20.59Western Front
25/02/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Lancaster2km S. Vouziers21.14Western Front
26/02/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 418km E. Vervins0.28Western Front
04/03/1944Ofw. Kunker5NJG 4Stirling20km N. Dijon0.58Western Front
10/03/1944Ofw. Manfred Meier4NJG 4Stirling1km NE Brazey: 2300m23.23Western Front
16/03/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4HalifaxS. Aachen: 6000m1.18Western Front
16/03/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4Lancaster2km S. Berine: 6300m1.3Western Front
22/03/1944Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 405 Ost S / JR [Gütersloh]21.51Western Front
22/03/1944Uffz. Altmann2NJG 4bei Manbaich: 4800m23.05Western Front
25/03/1944Uffz. Leopold Weinberger7NJG 4HalifaxHK-6: [Leiden-Utrecht]0.37Western Front
26/03/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 405 Ost S/PK-9: 5000m [Dinant]22.55Western Front
26/03/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 405 Ost S/PJ-9: 4800m [N. Philippeville]23Western Front
31/03/1944Ltn. Hromaduik9NJG 4S. Villers-deux-Eglise2.52Western Front
31/03/1944Ltn. Hromaduik9NJG 4NW Charleville3.36Western Front
31/03/1944Ltn. Hromaduik9NJG 4Lancaster3½km N. Namur4.16Western Front
31/03/1944Oblt. Richard Delakowitz7NJG 405 Ost/PN: Daun0.13Western Front
31/03/1944Oblt. Richard Delakowitz7NJG 4S. Vogelsberg0.5Western Front
31/03/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 4Gegend Schweinfurt0.28Western Front
31/03/1944Hptm. Herbert Rauh3NJG 4Kehlen-Giessen0.32Western Front
31/03/1944Ltn. Klaus Helm3NJG 405 Ost S/OO [Westerwald]1.08Western Front
10/04/1944Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4Stirling3-4km W. Ham [Sommemündung]: 300m3.13Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4Halifax1km N. Lechelle: 3500m0.01Western Front
11/04/1944Uffz. Leopold Weinberger7NJG 4HalifaxLe Fère: 4000m0.02Western Front
11/04/1944Uffz. Leopold Weinberger7NJG 4HalifaxErcheu: 3400m0.07Western Front
11/04/1944Uffz. Leopold Weinberger7NJG 4HalifaxRouvroy: 3400m0.08Western Front
11/04/1944Uffz. Leopold Weinberger7NJG 4HalifaxLavarières: 2000m0.16Western Front
11/04/1944Oblt. Hans Külow9NJG 4Halifaxbei Rosières: 3500m0.17Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4HalifaxErcheu: 3600m0.27Western Front
11/04/1944Ltn. Josef Springer8NJG 4HalifaxNE Dieppe: 3000m0.28Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4LancasterVieux Mereuil: 3000m2.2Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4Halifax6km N. Salarnes: 3000m2.3Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4Halifax1km SE Sailly: 3000m2.35Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4Halifax1.5km NNW Achiet-le-Petit: 3000m2.43Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4HalifaxBeauquesne: 3000m2.5Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4Halifaxbei Vignacourt: 3000m2.54Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4HalifaxN. Guignemicourt: 3000m [Somme]3.06Western Front
18/04/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 4Halifax05 Ost S/SF: 5000m [Raum Montdidier]23.46Western Front
21/04/1944Major Wolfgang ThimmigStabNJG 4Morsang 25km S. Paris: 3600m0.38Western Front
21/04/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 4N. Paris: 4000m0.5Western Front
21/04/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 450-100km N. Paris: 4000m0.53Western Front
22/04/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 4bei Maizy: 2800m [Aisne]23.32Western Front
22/04/1944Oblt. Kadleik3NJG 405 Ost S/TH: 2500m [Raum NW Reims]23.43Western Front
23/04/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Lancaster9km SSE Namur: 5200m0.57Western Front
23/04/1944Fw. Klaus Helm3NJG 4Halifax18km SSE Namur: 5400m0.52Western Front
23/04/1944Ltn. Klaus Helm3NJG 4LancasterNN-85: 5500m [Eschweiler]1.08Western Front
25/04/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe3NJG 4Raum St. Dizier: 4800m0.04Western Front
25/04/1944Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schaffer6NJG 4LancasterLa Chapelle-Théle: 4800m0.08Western Front
25/04/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4Nancy-Karlsrühe: 5500m0.29Western Front
25/04/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 420km SW Karlsrühe: 5000m0.59Western Front
25/04/1944Uffz. Leopold Weinberger7NJG 4SW Karlsrühe: 4200m1.1Western Front
25/04/1944Oblt. Friedrich Thörl1NJG 4QJ-8: 4500m [Chimay]2.13Western Front
27/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4Lancaster30km E. St. Dizier:4300m0.57Western Front
27/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4Lancaster15km SE St. Dizier: 4800m0.5Western Front
27/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4Lancaster15km SW Toul: 4000m1.01Western Front
28/04/1944Oblt. Friedrich ThörlStab I.NJG 4Halifax3km NE St. Trond: 4800m1.52Western Front
28/04/1944Hptm. H.-J. Thomschat3NJG 4Halifax6km NE Grimbergen: 4600m2.18Western Front
28/04/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterME: 2800m [NW Dunkirk]2.5Western Front
28/04/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 4HalifaxQH-6: 4000m [E. Landrecies]3.1Western Front
02/05/1944Ltn. Klaus Helm3NJG 4Ghent: 3200m0.33Western Front
02/05/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4Lancaster3km S. Beaumont: 4000m0.35Western Front
02/05/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4NW Paris: 2000m0.4Western Front
02/05/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4LancasterSaint-Arnoud: 3800m0.43Western Front
02/05/1944Hptm. Fritz SötheStab I.NJG 4230 ° vor Paris: 3200m [SSW Paris]0.55Western Front
02/05/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4Lancaster3km SW Châteaudun: 1700m0.41Western Front
04/05/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4LancasterN. Paris: 1000m0.39Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Wilhelm Breimer9NJG 4LancasterFormérie: 3000m0.44Western Front
04/05/1944Uffz. Walter Krause4NJG 4bei Romilly-sur-Seine: 2800m0.45Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4SE Paris: 3500m0.46Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Dietrich Schmidt8NJG 4LancasterSSW Romilly-sur-Seine: 3000m0.46Western Front
04/05/1944Ltn. Heinz WilbergStab II.NJG 4BH-AH: 2500m [Raum Sézanne]0.53Western Front
04/05/1944Uffz. Philipp Felein9NJG 410km SE Monterean0.55Western Front
04/05/1944Uffz. Philipp Felein9NJG 414km SW Fontainbleau: 2500m1Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Walter Riedlberger1NJG 404 Ost/BA-89: 1800m [NE Alençon]1.07Western Front
04/05/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4LancasterFF: 30-40km SSE Champlion: 3600m0.1Western Front
04/05/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4LancasterFF: 50-60km SE Champlion: 3600m0.15Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4N. Paris: 3500m0.16Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Richard Delakowitz7NJG 4SW Châlons-sur-Marne: 2800m0.21Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Schubert1NJG 4AK o. UK: 1500m [Ste. Ménéhould]0.21Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Richard Delakowitz7NJG 4SW Châlons-sur-Marne: 3300m0.22Western Front
04/05/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4LancasterFF: 60-70km SE Champlain: 2500m0.22Western Front
04/05/1944Hptm. Helmut Bergmann8NJG 4LancasterN. Paris: 2000m0.26Western Front
04/05/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4Lancaster15km SW Châlons-sur-Marne: 3000m0.26Western Front
04/05/1944Ltn. Heinz WilbergStab II.NJG 415-20km BJ-BH: 3000m [N. Romilly]0.27Western Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Richard Delakowitz7NJG 4SW Châlons-sur-Marne: 100m0.31Western Front
06/05/1944Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schaffer6NJG 4B-2415km N. Roanna: 1200m [N. Vicenza]0.43Western Front
07/05/1944Ltn. Heinz WilbergStab III.NJG 4TB-UB: 500m [Raum Brionne]2.33Western Front
08/05/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4HD od. GH: 200m [Romorantin]0.15Western Front
08/05/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4HE-4: 2000m [E. Bourges]0.2Western Front
08/05/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 415km NE Romorantin: 1500m0.26Western Front
08/05/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4HE-89: 1800m [SE Bourges]0.32Western Front
08/05/1944Uffz. Georg Matt5NJG 4GE: 200m [30km N. Bourges]0.47Western Front
08/05/1944Ltn. Hromadnik9NJG 4Lancaster30-50km SW Orléans: 600m0.48Western Front
08/05/1944Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schaffer6NJG 4StirlingLJ-55: 500m [vor Ushant]1.02Western Front
09/05/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 405 Ost S/PH-PJ: 3000m [Maubeuge]3.25Western Front
09/05/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 405 Ost S/PJ-OJ: 3000m [Charleroi]3.31Western Front
09/05/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 4OH-OJ-PJ-PH: 3000m [Raum Charleroi]3.33Western Front
09/05/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 405 Ost S/OH: 7300m [Landrecies]3.37Western Front
09/05/1944Ltn. Wolfgang Marstaller1NJG 405 Ost S/OH: 7800m [Landrecies]3.45Western Front
10/05/1944Oblt. Heinrich Schulenburg1NJG 4500m S. Fl.Pl. Évreux: 1700m0.53Western Front
10/05/1944Uffz. Walter Krause4NJG 4TB-7: 2500m0.58Western Front
10/05/1944Hptm. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4LancasterUB-3: 2300-400m1Western Front
20/05/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4UA-AA: 3000m [Raum Vimoutiers]0.25Western Front
23/05/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4ED-4/EC 9: 3000m [Salzwedel]2.35Western Front
28/05/1944Oblt. Friedrich ThörlStab I.NJG 4NJ/NK 1-5: 3200m [Brüssel]2.24Western Front
28/05/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4LancasterNH: 3000m [Raum Zottegem]2.56Western Front
28/05/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4LancasterW. Brüssel: 2900m3.01Western Front
28/05/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 4LancasterNW Brüssel: 2800m3.05Western Front
28/05/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Gegend Ostende Brigge: 3800m3.17Western Front
29/05/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 41km SW Aaigem: 2000m [Flanders]2.1Western Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Karl Kern2NJG 405 Ost S/PK: 1400m [SE Charleroi]1.25Western Front
01/06/1944Hptm. Fritz SötheStab II.NJG 4TE-UE: 3000m [Raum N. Paris]1.5Western Front
01/06/1944Hptm. Fritz SötheStab II.NJG 4UE 1: [Méru]1.54Western Front
01/06/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4LancasterBD 6: 3000m [7km W. Rambouillet]2.05Western Front
03/06/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4LancasterBE 1-BE-2: 3700m [SW Paris]0.55Western Front
03/06/1944Hptm. Hans AutenriethStab II.NJG 4BD 1: 1800m [Trappes]1Western Front
03/06/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4BD 3: 3000m [Trappes]1Western Front
03/06/1944Oblt. Jakob SchausStab II.NJG 4AD-BD: 3500m [Mantes-Rambouillet]1Western Front
03/06/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4AD-BD: 3500m [Mantes-Rambouillet]1.01Western Front
03/06/1944Oblt. Jakob SchausStab II.NJG 4AC-AD-BC: 2500m [Raum Dreux]1.06Western Front
03/06/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4BC 3: 5000m [Dreux]1.06Western Front
03/06/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4AC-BC: 2500m [Raum Dreux]1.1Western Front
03/06/1944Oblt. Jakob SchausStab II.NJG 4AC-AD-BC: 2500m [Raum Dreux]1.12Western Front
03/06/1944Hptm. Fritz SötheStab II.NJG 4UC: 2700m [Éveux-Louviers]1.19Western Front
03/06/1944Hptm. Hans AutenriethStab II.NJG 4UB 6: 2300m [Le Neubourg]1.23Western Front
07/06/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4US-UT: 1500m [Raum St. Lô]0.2Western Front
07/06/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4US-UT: 1000m [Raum St. Lô]0.31Western Front
07/06/1944Uffz. Altmann2NJG 4TA-TB-UA: 1000m2.35Western Front
07/06/1944Uffz. Altmann2NJG 4TA-TB-UA-UB: 1000m2.45Western Front
07/06/1944Uffz. Altmann2NJG 4TA-TB-UA-UB: 500m3.01Western Front
08/06/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/RA: 2600m [NW Fécamp]3.05Western Front
08/06/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Stirling05 Ost S/QA: 2600m [NW Fécamp]3.14Western Front
08/06/1944Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4HalifaxUD-89: 1500m [Meulan-les-Mureaux]1.26Western Front
08/06/1944Ltn. Hromadnik9NJG 4UD-9-AE-5: 1600m [Mantes 130° Paris]2.24Western Front
08/06/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 4BE 1: 1700m [Trappes]2.21Western Front
08/06/1944Uffz. Kleibauer8NJG 4HalifaxWestrand Paris: 1500m2.2Western Front
08/06/1944Uffz. Kurt Stockbauer4NJG 4BE: 1000m [Trappes]2.15Western Front
08/06/1944Ofw. Richard Rother6NJG 4AE 7: 800m [E. Paris]2.33Western Front
08/06/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4AD-AE-BD-BE: 1800m [SW Paris]1.16Western Front
08/06/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4AD-AE-BD-BE: 1800m [SW Paris]1.15Western Front
10/06/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4BE-1-AE 7: 2000m [Elancourt]0.15Western Front
10/06/1944Hptm. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4LancasterBD-1: 1700m [5km E. Dreux]0.3Western Front
11/06/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4CB-8: 2000m [S. Nogent]0.51Western Front
11/06/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4BC-3: 2000m [Dreux]0.58Western Front
11/06/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 4AC-1: 1800m [SW Évreux]1.18Western Front
13/06/1944Oblt. Friedrich ThörlStab I.NJG 4QE-QF-RE-RF: 2000m [Raum Amiens]0.16Western Front
13/06/1944Oblt. Friedrich ThörlStab I.NJG 4QE-QF-RE-RF: 1700m [Raum Amiens]0.21Western Front
13/06/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4SD: 2000m [Formerie]0.22Western Front
13/06/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4SC: 2000m [Raum N. Rouen]0.35Western Front
13/06/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4SC: [Raum N. Rouen]0.4Western Front
13/06/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4LancasterRE 5: 3200m [St. Sauflieu/Amiens]1.36Western Front
13/06/1944Oblt. Friedrich ThörlStab I.NJG 4PE: 700m [St. Pol]1.45Western Front
13/06/1944Major Wilhelm HergetStab I.NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/SE-8: 1300m [St. Just]1.45Western Front
15/06/1944Uffz. Kurt Leitner2NJG 405 Ost S/QG 2: 3300m [Cambrai]1Western Front
15/06/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 405 Ost S/PG od. OG: 3300m [Cambrai]1.07Western Front
16/06/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4LancasterRF-QF: 2000m [Raum Albert]0.51Western Front
16/06/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 405 Ost S/PG 8: 3300m [Bouchain/Douai]0.51Western Front
22/06/1944Oblt. Walter Riedlberger1NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/JG: 2200m [See]2.24Western Front
23/06/1944Oblt. Walter Riedlberger1NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/RE: 2000m [Amiens]1.23Western Front
24/06/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 4NE-NF: 3000m [St. Omer-Ypres]1.1Western Front
24/06/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 405 Ost S/ND: 2400m [S. Calais]0.28Western Front
25/06/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 405 Ost S/QD: 2500m0.27Western Front
25/06/1944Oblt. Kadleik3NJG 4PD-OD od. ND: 3500m [Montreuil]0.32Western Front
25/06/1944Oblt. Rolf Klages3NJG 405 Ost S/QD 5: 25-3000m [Abbéville]0.34Western Front
25/06/1944Oblt. Richard Delakowitz7NJG 4QD-QD: 2500m [Abbéville-Doullens]0.38Western Front
25/06/1944Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4LancasterQE-QD: 2300m [Doullens-Abbéville]0.44Western Front
28/06/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4LF-MF: 2800m [vor Ostende]1.25Western Front
28/06/1944Hptm. Hans-Karl KampStab III.NJG 404 Ost N/AJ 2 [N. Mailly-le-Camp]1.49Western Front
29/06/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4TB-56: 2300m [Grand Quevilly]3.1Western Front
29/06/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4TB-4: 2300m [Pont Audemer]3.2Western Front
01/07/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 4FD: 2700m [Raum E. Blois]1.08Western Front
01/07/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4HE-GD: 2300m [315° Bourges]1.23Western Front
01/07/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 4HE: 2000m [Raum Bourges]1.27Western Front
01/07/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4FD: 3000m [Raum E. Blois]1.35Western Front
01/07/1944Ltn. von Tettenhorst3NJG 404 Ost N/EC 2: 2800m [S. Châteaudun]1.38Western Front
05/07/1944Oblt. Rolf Klages3NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/SD-22: 2100m [Aumale]2.03Western Front
05/07/1944Uffz. Kurt Stockbauer4NJG 4AE-BE: 5600m1.26Western Front
05/07/1944Fw. Georg Matt5NJG 4BE: 2200m1.27Western Front
05/07/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 4BD-CD-BE: 1800m [Chartres]1.14Western Front
05/07/1944Hptm. Fritz Söthe4NJG 4DD: 7000m [Raum Artenay]1.54Western Front
06/07/1944Oblt. Walter Riedlberger1NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost N/ME-1: 1800m [Goodwins]0.41Western Front
08/07/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 405 Ost S/SC-99: 3500m1.32Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 405 Ost S/TD-8: 3500m1.32Western Front
08/07/1944Hptm. Hans Autenrieth6NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/SD: 3000m1.32Western Front
08/07/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 405 Ost S/SE: 2400m1.32Western Front
08/07/1944Oblt. Kadleik3NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/RD-1: 3200m1.35Western Front
08/07/1944Oblt. Kadleik3NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/QC-2: 2400m [vor Cayeux]1.42Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4B-2605 Ost S/RD: 3000m [Senarpont]2.46Western Front
08/07/1944Major Wolfgang ThimmigStabNJG 4B-2605 Ost S/RE: 2500m [Amiens]2.47Western Front
08/07/1944Major Wolfgang ThimmigStabNJG 4B-2605 Ost S/RD: 3700m [Senarpont]2.55Western Front
08/07/1944Major Wolfgang ThimmigStabNJG 4B-26UT u. TU-2: 1500m [Seine Bay]2.59Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4B-26BD 9: 3000m [St. Arnoult]3.09Western Front
08/07/1944Uffz. Konrad Beyer1NJG 405 Ost S/TE-TF: 2600m [N. Paris]1.23Western Front
08/07/1944Uffz. Hans Saalberg2NJG 405 Ost S/TE: 2500m1.27Western Front
08/07/1944Major Günter VörwinkelStab I.NJG 405 Ost S/TC-TD: 3200m1.3Western Front
15/07/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 404 Ost N/AL-7: 2900m [Bar-le-Duc]1.54Western Front
15/07/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 404 Ost N/BL: 2500m [E. St. Dizier]2.05Western Front
16/07/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 405 Ost S/UG: 2000m [Ch. Thierry]1.43Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 404 Ost N/BK: 2300m [St. Dizier]2.05Western Front
19/07/1944Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 405 Ost S/UF: 2600m [Ermenonville]1.04Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Rücker1NJG 405 Ost S/PH: 2500m [Valenciennes]1.05Western Front
19/07/1944Ltn. Friedrich Grunder3NJG 4UG-9: 2100m [Château-Thierry]1.06Western Front
19/07/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 405 Ost S/PH: 2500m [Valenciennes]1.06Western Front
19/07/1944Fw. Günther Zimmermann8NJG 4UG-AG: 2500m [Château-Thierry]1.17Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 404 Ost N/BH: 2800m [Romilly]1.33Western Front
19/07/1944Fw. Günther Zimmermann8NJG 404 Ost N/BJ: 1800m [Mailly-le-Camp]1.33Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4AJ-AK: 2500m [Raum S. Châlons]1.49Western Front
19/07/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4AK-89: 1600m [Pargny-sur-Saulx]1.51Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Reinhard Kollak8NJG 4AJ: 3500m [Bergères-lé-Vertu]1.55Western Front
19/07/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4AK-BK: 2000m [Vitry-le-François]1.55Western Front
19/07/1944Hptm. Heinz-Horst Hißbach5NJG 4UH-AJ: 1500m [Épernay]1.58Western Front
21/07/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 405 Ost S/ME-4: 2000m [vor Dünkirchen]1.24Western Front
21/07/1944Fw. Konrad Beyer1NJG 405 Ost S/NG: 2400m [Courtrai]2.1Western Front
24/07/1944Ogefr. Horst Pieteschke2NJG 4QA-36: 3100m [vor Fécamp]1.39Western Front
25/07/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4LancasterDD: 2400m [NW Orléans]0.17Western Front
26/07/1944Oblt. Helmuth Schulte5NJG 404 Ost N/DC-DD: 3100m [Châteauneuf]0.07Western Front
26/07/1944Fw. Burke5NJG 404 Ost N/HI 1-4: 3000m [Morvan]0.4Western Front
26/07/1944Oblt. Helmuth Schulte5NJG 404 Ost N/FG: 4000m [St. Sauveur]0.41Western Front
26/07/1944Ltn. Erhard Düttmann3NJG 404 Ost N/AD: 4400m [W. Paris]2.48Western Front
29/07/1944Uffz. Altmann2NJG 4SE Stuttgart: 3700m2.14Western Front
29/07/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 404 Ost N/EJ: 2800m0.44Western Front
29/07/1944Hptm. Josef Krahforst2NJG 4AQ-BG: 3000m [180° Haguenau]1.54Western Front
07/08/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/TA-9: 2400m23.52Western Front
07/08/1944Ltn. Frithjof Fensch4NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/TA-3: 2400m24Western Front
07/08/1944Uffz. Rolf Koch4NJG 4SB: 1300m [Raum Yvetot]23.47Western Front
07/08/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4UA-TA: 3500m [Le Havre-Lisieux]23.5Western Front
09/08/1944Oblt. Kadleik3NJG 4Lancaster05 Ost S/PK-7: 3300m0.36Western Front
09/08/1944Ltn. Erhard Düttmann3NJG 405 Ost S/JG-3: 3300m2.29Western Front
12/08/1944Hptm. Kranz2NJG 405 Ost S/RN-3: 4600m23.46Western Front
13/08/1944Uffz. Wolfrum Möckel2NJG 405 Ost S/PL-4: 2000m [Havelange]1.5Western Front
13/08/1944Uffz. Friedrich Grunder3NJG 405 Ost S/OH-6: 4000m [Ath]1.33Western Front
12/09/1944Hptm. Kranz2NJG 405 Ost S/RR-8: 2600m [E. Alzey]0.12Western Front
12/09/1944Oblt. Walter Riedlberger1NJG 405 Ost S/RS-1: 3000m [Darmstadt]0.12Western Front
12/09/1944Fw. Friedrich Grunder3NJG 4SR-3 od. 6: 4500m [Raum Worms]0.18Western Front
12/09/1944Fw. Gottfried Kurzwernhart9NJG 4RQ: 3100m [Bad Kreuznach]0.2Western Front
12/09/1944Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4RP-RO: 4200m [Hunsrück]0.21Western Front
12/09/1944Oblt. Jakob Schaus4NJG 4SR: 4000m [NE Zell]23.1Western Front
12/09/1944Oblt. Kadleik3NJG 405 Ost S/PQ 9: 3000m [Katzenelbogen]23.16Western Front
12/09/1944Ltn. Hromadnik9NJG 405 Ost S/RO: 2400m [Raum S. Wittlich]23.35Western Front
12/09/1944Ltn. n.n.1NJG 4Darmstadt0.17Western Front
20/09/1944 n.n.5NJG 4-1.14Western Front
06/11/1944Hptm. Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterKP-LP: 3400m19.26Western Front
06/11/1944Hptm. Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterKP-LP19.34Western Front
06/11/1944Hptm. Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterKP-IP: 2800m19.41Western Front
21/11/1944Fw. Konrad Beyer1NJG 4RT-RS: 150-200m [Gross Unstadt]19.3Western Front
21/11/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4KO/KP-2: 5000m [Ruhrgebiet]18.45Western Front
21/11/1944Hptm. Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4KP-2: 5000m [Ruhrgebiet]19.02Western Front
21/11/1944Hptm. Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4HalifaxKP: 4800m [Ruhrgebiet]19.05Western Front
21/11/1944Hptm. Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4HalifaxKP: 4500m [Ruhrgebiet]19.07Western Front
22/11/1944 n.n.7NJG 4-23.48Western Front
06/12/1944 n.n.7NJG 4-21.54Western Front
12/12/1944Hptm. Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStab IV.NJG 4Lancaster-20Western Front
13/01/1945Uffz. SchererII.NJG 4Mosquito-22.34Western Front
02/02/1945Ltn. Wolfgang BretschneiderII.NJG 4LancasterNE Riedelbach-Western Front
03/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterNE Krefeld20.09Western Front
20/02/1945Ofw. Georg MattII.NJG 4--Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterE. s'Hertogenbosch21.03Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterSW Kleve21Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterBocholt20.58Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterE. Zutphen20.55Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterS. Enschelde20.51Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterSE Enschelde20.48Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterNNW Münster20.44Western Front
21/02/1945Major Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4-1.15Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterWSW Mönchen-Gladbach1.53Western Front
21/02/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterSW Roermond1.58Western Front
23/02/1945Ltn. Wolfgang BretschneiderII.NJG 4LancasterNE Riedelbach-Western Front
03/03/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterNE Münster22.04Western Front
03/03/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterSW Osnabrück21.55Western Front
04/03/1945Hptm. Kurt Fladrich9NJG 4LancasterNE Cambridge0.33Western Front
05/03/1945Major Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4-20.5Western Front
05/03/1945Major Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4-20.4Western Front
05/03/1945Major Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4-20.22Western Front
07/03/1945Hptm. Ludwig Meister1NJG 4LancasterN. Kassel20.3Western Front
07/03/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterE. Attendoorn20.41Western Front
07/03/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterSSW Korbach20.47Western Front
07/03/1945Major Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4LancasterFriesenhagen-Altenkirchen20.55Western Front
07/03/1945Major Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4Lancaster-21.42Western Front
07/03/1945Major Heinz-Wolfgang SchnauferStabNJG 4LancasterNE Helmstedt21.56Western Front
07/03/1945Fw. Egon EnglingIV.NJG 4Lancaster-22.1Western Front
07/03/1945Fw. Egon EnglingIV.NJG 4Lancaster-22.11Western Front
07/03/1945Fw. Egon EnglingIV.NJG 4Lancaster-22.13Western Front
21/03/1945Major Hubert RauhStab II.NJG 4Lancaster-4.35Western Front
04/04/1945Ofw. Georg MattII.NJG 4Lancaster--Western Front

Known Claims : 569

Battle of Britain Timeline of Related Info : 17th January

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