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Gerald R Johnson

No Photo Available

Victories : 22
Country : US
Fought in : WW2
Fought for : Allied

Gerald R Johnson

Aircraft for : Gerald R Johnson
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Manufacturer : Lockheed


Designed by Kelly Johnson the P38 made its maiden flight on the 27th January 1939 and introduced into service in 1941. they cost $134,284 at the time each and a total of 10,037 were built. The Lockheed P-38 was introduced as a inceptor fighter but soon proved a valuable long range bomber escort for the 8thUS Air Force's B-17 and-24 bombers as they bombed targets further into Germany.

Latest Allied Battle of Britain Artwork Releases !
The Luftwaffe had done everything in its power to pummel London into submission but they failed. By the end of September 1940 their losses were mounting. For weeks since the early days of September, London had been the main target for the Luftwaffe and during that time Luftwaffe High Command had grown increasingly despondent as their losses steadily mounted. Far from being on the brink of collapse RAF Fighter Command, though vastly outnumbered, had shown an incredible resilience. The fighting had reached a dramatic climax on Sunday 15th September when, bloodied and bruised, the Luftwaffe had lost the upper hand on a day of intense combat that had culminated with a humiliating retreat. Almost every day that had passed since then had seen the Luftwaffe do everything in its power to pummel London and regain the initiative, but the daylight raids were becoming increasingly costly. On Friday 27th September, 80 days after the Battle of Britain had officially begun, the Luftwaffe came once more, this time concentrating on the fastest bombers they had - Ju88s and Bf110s. And they came in force, principally targeting London and Bristol. Anthony Saunders' superb painting depicts one of these raids, this time by bombers from KG77 as they head over the Medway Estuary, east of the City of London, in an attempt to attack the capital's warehouses and docks. Among the many units defending the capital that day was 92 Squadron from Biggin Hill and Anthony portrays the Spitfire of Pilot Officer Geoffrey Wellum in his dramatic piece. With a deft flick of the rudder Wellum banks his fighter away to port seconds after sharing in the destruction of a Ju88. It was just one of more than 50 German aircraft destroyed by the RAF during the day.
Decisive Blow by Anthony Saunders.
 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1As of No.610 (County of Chester) Sqn RAAF, intercept incoming Heinkel 111H-16s of the 9th Staffel, Kampfgeschwader 53 Legion Condor during the big daylight raids on London of August and September 1940 - the climax of the Battle of Britain.  Spitfire N3029 (DW-K) was shot down by a Bf109 on the 5th of September 1940 and crash-landed near Gravesend, Kent, thankfully without injury to Sgt Willcocks, the pilot.  For the record, N3029 was rebuilt and, following some brief flying in the UK, was sent overseas by convoy to the Middle East.  Ironically, the ship carrying this aircraft was torpedoed en route and both ship and all its cargo were lost.

Close Encounter by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Posted to 64 Squadron on 1st July 1940, </a>the tragically short relationship of Sub Lt F Dawson Paul with the Spitfire was crammed with victories.  He immediately shared a Dornier Do17 off Beachy Head and, just four days later claimed a Messerschmitt Bf.109.  Further kills were confirmed over the next two weeks, among them five Bf.110s and another Do.17. His final victory was a Bf.109 on 25th, but on this day he fell to the guns of the German ace Adolf Galland.  Dawson Paul was rescued from the English Channel by a German E-boat, but died of his wounds five days later as a prisoner of war.

The Longest July by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Squadron Leader H C Sawyer is depicted here flying his 65 Sqn Spitfire Mk.1a R6799 (YT-D) in the skies above Kent on 31st July 1940 at the height of the Battle of Britain.  Chasing him is Major Hans Trubenbach of 1 Gruppe, Lehrgeschwader 2 in his Messerschmitt Vf109E-3 (Red 12) . The encounter lasted eight minutes with both pilots surviving.

High Pursuit by Ivan Berryman. (PC)

 Hawker Hurricane Mk 1s of No 242 Sqn patrol a glorious September sky as the Battle of Britain reaches its climax in the Summer of 1940. The nearest aircraft is that of Sqn Ldr Douglas Bader, flying V7467 in which he claimed four victories, plus two probables and one destroyed. P/O W L McKnight (LE-A) and P/O D W Crowley-Milling (LE-M) are in close attendance.

High Patrol by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Routine, though essential, maintenance is carried out on a 501 Sqn Hurricane at the height of the Battle of Britain during the Summer of 1940.  Hurricane P3059 <i>SD-N</i> in the background is the aircraft of Group Captain Byron Duckenfield.

Ground Force by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
 Pilot Officer Allan Wright - later Group Captain, and awarded DFC and AFC - pilots Spitfire QJ-S of No.92 Squadron during the Battle of Britain, with his wingman in close support.

Summer 1940 by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
A Gloster Gladiator MkII of 247 Sqn is depicted patrolling off the Cornish coast in August 1940 during which time this squadron became the only one to operate the Gladiator in the defence of the South of England during the Battle of Britain.

Lone Gladiator by Ivan Berryman. (PC)

Battle of Britain History Timeline : 25th July
25July1940AA claim an enemy aircraft shot down in flames near Milford Haven.
25July1940British Battle of Britain pilot, F/Lt. A. T. Smith of 610 Squadron, was Killed.
25July1940British Battle of Britain pilot, F/O A. J. O. DFC Jeffery of 64 Squadron, was Killed.
25July1940British Battle of Britain pilot, F/O B. H. Way of 54 Squadron, was Killed.
25July1940British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O A. Finnie of 54 Squadron, was Killed.
25July1940British Battle of Britain pilot, P/O G. K. Gout of 234 Squadron, was Killed.
25July1940British Battle of Britain pilot, Sgt. J. H. Culverwell of 87 Squadron, was Killed.
25July1940During a raid on Portsmouth, one Geman aircraft was confirmed shot down and another is probable.
25July1940During continued raids on Dover 14 enemy aircraft confirmed destroyed and an additional 11 probables with the loss of four Spitfires
25July1940Flying Officer Peter E C Strahan of No.33 Sqn RAF shot down a CR42
25July1940Hauptmann Ernst Wiggers of JG 51 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Hauptmann Horst Tietzen of JG 51 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Hauptmann Joachim Schlichting of JG 27 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Hauptmann Walter Oesau of JG 51 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940He111 was shot down between the Orkneys and Kinnaird's Head
25July1940Leutnant Gerhard Müller-Dühe of JG 26 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Leutnant Hans-Otto Lessing of JG 51 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Leutnant Herbert Wasserzier of JG 27 shot down a Blenheim
25July1940Leutnant Josef Bürschgens of JG 26 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Leutnant Otto Decker of JG 52 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Leutnant Walter Blume of JG 26 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Major Adolf Galland of JG 26 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Number of aircraft available for service on this day was 639 with 316 Hurricanes, 234 Spitfires, 56 Blenheims, amd 8 Defiants
25July1940Oberfeldwebel Karl Schmid of JG 51 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940Oberleutnant Georg Beyer of JG 26 shot down a Spitfire
25July1940One Hurricane was shot down by a Ju88 which in turn was shot down by a training aircraft
25July1940Six enemy aircraft were shot down between the Needles and Portland with the loss of one Spitfire
25July1940Spitfire K9901 Mk.Ia , DL-D, - Hit by return fire from Ju87 and abandoned 5 miles south of Portland.
25July1940Spitfire L1035 Mk.Ia - Shot down by Me109 off Kent coast at 18.00hrs. S/Lt Dawson-Paul rescued by enemy boats but died later.
25July1940Spitfire L1055 Mk.Ia - Damaged by Ju88 off Dover. S/Ldr MacDonnell ok.
25July1940Spitfire N3231 Mk.Ia - Damaged on operations.
25July1940Spitfire P9327 Mk.Ia - Damaged on operations.
25July1940Spitfire P9387 Mk.Ia - Shot down by Me109 near Dover. P/O Turley-George ok.
25July1940Spitfire P9421 Mk.Ia - Shot down by Me109 off Dover. F/O Jeffery killed.
25July1940Spitfire P9493 Mk.Ia - Flew into ground on night patrol near Porthdown, Cornwall. P/O Gout killed.
25July1940Spitfire R6693 Mk.Ia , DW-A, - Stalled on approach and dived into ground at Hawkinge. Sgt Smith killed.
25July1940Spitfire R6707 Mk.Ia - Shot down by Me109 over convoy nr Dover F/Lt Way killed.
25July1940Spitfire R6816 Mk.Ia - Shot down by Me109 off Dover. P/O Finnie killed.
25July1940Unteroffizier Edmund Rossmann of JG 52 shot down a Bréguet 690
25July1940Unteroffizier Karl Born of JG 27 shot down a Blenheim
25July1940Unteroffizier Paul Obst of JG 51 shot down a Spitfire
Battle of Britain Timeline of Related Info : 25th July
25July1941Former British Battle of Britain pilot, (F.A.A.) Lt. A. T. J. Kindersley of 808 Squadron, was Killed.


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